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UntitledAustralian women photographers 1970s–80s will feature vintage prints of important photographs, many of which have not been seen for decades.

During this period of the late twentieth century, photography helped feminism and feminism helped photography. On the one hand, feminists used the highly informative and accessible medium of photography to raise awareness of critical social issues. On the other hand, photographic artists embraced feminist themes as a way of making their practice less esoteric and more engaged with contemporary life. This productive exchange between feminism and photography fostered a range of technical innovations and critical frameworks that radically transformed the direction of visual culture in Australia.

Artists in the exhibition include: Micky Allan, Pat Brassington, Virginia Coventry, Sandy Edwards, Anne Ferran, Sue Ford, Christine Godden, Helen Grace, Janina Green, Fiona Hall, Ponch Hawkes, Carol Jerrems, Merryle Johnson, Ruth Maddison, Julie Rrap and Robyn Stacey.

Scenes on the death of nature I, scene 1A Monash Gallery of Art travelling exhibition

Robyn Stacey
Untitled 1981

from the series Modified myths 1938-88 hand- coloured gelatin silver prints, 40.5 x 41.3cm
collection of the artist
courtesy of the artist and Stills Gallery (Sydney)

Scenes on the death of nature I, scene 1 1986


Surrealism Photography/artwork I can relate to feminism? | Yahoo Answers

I need to find a peice of artwork or a photograph that would be considered surreal that I could relate to the feminist movement. I need to discuss an art peice within my essay for uni. I'm hoping someone could help me find one as I'm really struggling and have no idea what I'm looking for! :( xxx

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