Forced feminization experience

What do you think about forced feminisation?

Forced feminization is a fetishized form of gender role play in which the crossdresser or gender non conforming person fantasizes that they are forced into a female role and/or clothing. Those who are into forced feminization often get excited by the shame that they feel in desiring to express an opposite gender dress and role. There is no real force used in forced feminization, because it is an elaborate fantasy which is initiated by the gender bending person for the purposes of alleviating the guilt they feel at dressing up. They also may feel more desire and excitement by the fact that a woman demands they feminize, or by the interest she takes in their feminization. Most people who are into feminization also feel a stress release in being able to escape the extremely rigid masculine roles imposed on them by society, and also feel a psychological benefit or a balancing effect from being able to step into the shoes of the other sex. Many express a feeling of openness and vulnerability emotionally that they do not experience when in male mode.


What are some dependable medical cannabis seed sites ? | Yahoo Answers

Planet Skunk and Attitude seeds are best IMO-- trustworthy, and a lot of info on the different available strains.
Don't be hasty in choosing a strain- go with not only what effect and flavor you want- but how easy they are to grow!
Go for Auto flowering, or feminized with a short (55 day) flower period.

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