Forced feminization fiction

Forced Feminization in Public : The Store Detective's Punishment

James Mitchell is looking for a present for his girlfriend. Unfortunately she wants expensive lingerie and he's broke. Finding himself on suitably attired for shop-lifting, he has the ingenious idea of concealing his contraband by putting it on in the changing rooms, pretending to try some male clothes on. The plan backfires badly when the security tabs set-off the shops security systems, leaving him at the mercy of two women, turned ad hoc store detectives. When they strip search him, they find his situation hilarious and threaten to get the newspaper involved. The only way out for James is to agree to undergo a male to female make-over in public.

Feeling he has no choice, he agrees, but that's only the start of his punishment, which escalates to a visit to a fetish club and eventually being gang-banged and used and abused by his female captors.

Warning this Erotic Fiction Novella is approx 12, 000 words long. It contains very adult themes including female domination, forced feminization and more. Suitable for 18+ only.


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