Forced feminization revenge

Forced Feminization Punishment


Romance does not always fulfill the first warm hopes. Passions chill, lives change, lovers become strangers.

Falling out of love is no crime. To allow your bride to walk up the aisle and then vanish without warning or explanation is vile.

There is no legal penalty for deserting a bride at the altar. But as we have often seen, members of the Femdomonomic society believe in revenge and punishment.

The helpless blindfolded sissy in the picture is an excellent example.

The groom never arrived at the church. He refused to speak to his finance. Wrongly she felt somehow it was her fault. Guilt and sorrow overwhelmed her.

Her maternal aunt had never told her about female superiority and supremacy. She loved her niece. For his unforgivable actions the false groom would be punished.

No reason to explore the details. Many times we have seen how easily a clever woman can abduct a man.

Spiking his drink with a knockout drug took simple sleight of hand. He woke blindfolded never would he know who did this to him.

The women knocked their captor about a bit. Just to augment his fear.

Preparing him for the main event, they dressed him in pink boots and frilly female undergarments.

He grew up in a rough neighborhood. Deceitful even then, he left many enemies.

Helpless and sissified they left him on the street.

The next day there was a newspaper story. When paramedics found him, his ribs were broken, he had been stabbed and a large bottle was shoved up his anus.

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