Forced feminization Sex Stories

Pink Ladies: Extreme Femdom Stories of Forced Feminization

In "Pink Ladies, " seven men are feminized by exquisitely irresistible Dominant women! Experience the gradual slide of a cuckolded husband into fully feminized submission and erotic humiliation. Taste the surrender of a femmed-up slut sent by her Mistress to turn a group trick at a cheap motel - with a half-dozen horny frat boys on spring break! Feel the heat of a humiliated and dominated boyfriend whose gradual craving for cock may begin with the thrust of his cruel girlfriend's strap-on... but ends with a hot guy he meets at the gym! These stories and more explore the sweet surrender of erotic humiliation, submission and enslavement by a Dominant Mistress!

Pink Ladies is an explicit erotic collection of consensual power play stories concerning "forced" feminization and female domination. It is intended only for an adult audience that wishes to read frank descriptions of sexual behavior that may include bisexuality, extreme power play, domination and submission, infidelity, cuckolding, cheating, sadism, masochism, bondage, oral sex, anal sex, forced exhibitionism, erotic punishment, erotic humiliation, forced feminization and cross-dressing, threesomes, strap-on sex and other forms of sexual variation. Do not sample, buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive.

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