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Fiona Piper Super Bundle (Volume Two): (sissies, forced feminization, cuckolding, femdom)

Get Fiona Piper's entire collection in two volumes! This 226 page megabundle contains four of Fiona Piper's complete novels! That's four tales of female domination, forced feminization, cuckolding, pegging, paddling, sissy maids, and more! This volume includes the following stories:

"Sissified Boss" is an erotic tale of a controlling boss and husband who learns what life is like when the high-heeled shoe is on the other foot. When domineering attorney Christopher Brent learns that his associate Jessica runs a secret femdom blog, he tries to blackmail her into dominating him. The idea of female domination excites him, and since he can fire her if things go wrong, the whole thing seems pretty safe too. But his excitement turns into a nightmare when she turns the tables on him. Suddenly, this controlling man finds himself trapped as Jessica's plaything and his wife's sissy maid.

"Demoted To Sissy" is an erotic tale of a man who gets caught cross-dressing at the office and finds himself demoted by his own staff. Sam waited for his staff to leave so he would be alone. He intended to satisfy his urge to cross-dress by doing it in the office. After all, it was Friday and no one would catch him, or so he thought. Unfortunately, he hadn't counted on his secretary forgetting her wallet. Imagine her surprise to find her boss on top of her desk wearing a dress and high heels. Seeing the opportunity of a lifetime, she takes over the office and demotes her boss to office sissy.

"Her Lactating Sissy" is an erotic tale of a man who loses his manhood and his authority when he grows a pair of breasts. Aaron was an up-and-coming executive until he volunteered to test a new drug developed by his company. Within days of taking this drug, Aaron began to grow breasts. . . huge breasts. When his company insisted that he dress like a woman to hide the side effects caused by their drug, Aaron's wife saw her chance to take control over their relationship. How big will his breasts get? Can he save his manhood? And can he really produce milk?

"Dominated Sissy Cuckold" is an erotic tale of a domineering man who learns the hard way what life is like when his submissive wife takes charge. Tina had enough of Don dominating her in every facet of her life, so she came up with a plan. She convinced Don to let her dominate him one night in bed and then blackmailed him with some photos she took. With Don firmly under her thumb, she feminizes him and cuckolds him with his boss.

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