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Making Feminized Marijuana Seeds at Home is Easy!(How To Breed 2 Female Plants Together For Seeds)

How to Make Colloidal Silver at Home

By Nebula Haze (inspired by this thread from PhenoMenal)

Ever wondered how those marijuana seed banks make feminized seeds? When you "feminize" a seed, what that means is you're ensuring that the resulting seed will produce a female plant. Most growers only want to grow female cannabis plants, since the females plants are the only ones which grow buds/flowers.

It's actually pretty easy to feminize your own seeds, and you can easily make your own feminized marijuana seeds at home using the following technique.

"Feminized" seeds means all-female seeds, or marijuana seeds where 99.9% of the resulting plants will end up being female and grow the prized marijuana buds. When you have all-female plants, you won't have to throw any plants away because they end up being boys (male cannabis plants don't produce buds, only pollen).

The main idea is you get two female cannabis plants to make seeds with each other. With two female parents, all the resulting seeds end up being female, too.

The secret is a special substance known as "colloidal silver" which simply means water that has silver particles suspended in it. You can make colloidal silver at home (instructions below), with a colloidal silver generator, or you can purchase colloidal silver at health stores and online (some people drink it).

For some reason, when a female marijuana plant is exposed to colloidal silver during the early flowering stages, all the exposed parts which would normally grow THC-laden buds instead will grow male "balls" or pollen sacs. It "masculizes" the treated part of the plant.

Science: The concentration of silver ions in the water actually act as an ethylene inhibitor / antagonist on the plant, which forces the plant to create male pollen sacs instead of female buds.

The pollen produced from these special balls can be used to pollinate a female plant. Except since both pollen and bud come from female plants, you have two female cannabis parents and end up creating feminized cannabis seeds.

Where do I get colloidal silver? Instructions and information below.

Let me break it down for you:

Collect Pollen from Female Cannabis Plant

Step 1: You change one female marijuana plant to the flowering stage by changing the light schedule to 12-12 (12 hours light, 12 hours total darkness each day).


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