Mistress Forced feminization

Sissy Maid for Her: Mistress Dede Forced Feminization Stories Series (Unabridged)

Frank didn't have slightest clue what to get his wife Jane for her birthday. The most intriguing thing is that she already made plans, but what kind? Jane breathes heavy over the phone, begging him to meet up with her in a hotel located in the seediest borough in the city. Hungry for a hot night of debauchery in-between the sheets, Frank speeds down to the hotel only to find no one inside. In a split second, he's knocked unconscious, waking up in a flouncy petticoat and bright red nine-inch peep-toe heels. But Frank's transformation didn't dare stop there. Jane wished for something extra special this year, to fulfill her naughtiest fantasy. Frank's wife's darkest desires will bring sissy boy Frank down to his knees. This tale contains frank and graphic depictions of m/m, sexy maid lady bois, pegging, and more. Please be advised this is intended for Mature audiences only.


What is a timeline of Jewish history.

See the attached Related Link for a timeline, beginning at the Creation and continuing down to modern times.

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