Psychology and Sexuality

Psychology and Sexuality

It is not a secret that sensuality and sexuality of a woman plays a key role in her relations inside the family and with men. Furthermore, it has a strong influence on such aspects of woman's life as a career, material well-being, and what is more important - health.

If you wonder how low sexuality level can influence relations with husband, here is the answer. Polls showed that men, in general, are more likely to be happy with a sexual wife, than with a housewife. It turns out, that woman's sexuality is the ground that helps men feel more confident.

The connection between the science of psychology and sexuality is no more a secret. It was Freud who found, defining sexuality as a basis for success in society. From the sight of the science, the person's self-confidence and position in the society is higher between those who have no blocks and complexes in sexual life. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the energetic center of sexuality placed just 5 cm below the navel, in many cultures, such as Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, shamanism, is considered to be a distributor of energy about the body. It means, that your sensitivity and sexuality depends on how much energy you have in this center.

It is worth to mention that even beautiful appearance will not make you feel confident and sexual. The key lies somewhere in the deep of our subconscious mind. In turn, it is exactly intimate gymnastics that helps to find it.

Intimate gymnastics helps to strengthen intimate muscles and to open sexual center. These leads to the developing of sexuality and, as the result, to the rapid increase of self-confidence and opening opportunities. To conclude, it is worth to say that intimate gymnastics makes people more attractive, beautiful, and what is more important, happier. It helps people to find harmony in their relations and the perception of their nature.

During training with Tatyana Kozhevnikova, you will learn to become more attractive finding your feminine essence, how to heal your soul finding a common language with your beloved one, to make your body look more shaped and attractive, and much more.

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