Backlash against Feminism

'Women Against Feminism' generates backlash among students

A social media movement called “Women Against Feminism” has been making headlines recently both nationally and internationally, generating a wave of backlash and discussion on the definition of modern feminism.

Pictures are shared on the movement’s primary social media outlets, Facebook and Tumblr, of women holding up pieces of paper with reasons on them as to why they do not believe in or need feminism — the primary reason being the victimization of females and the demonization of males by feminists.

“Women Against Feminism” has garnered more than 17, 000 ‘likes’ and followers on Facebook and Tumblr combined, and this number continues to grow along with the outrage of those who see supporters of the movement to be “grossly misinformed.”

Juliana Rose, a rising senior at the University of Montana, says she was “frustrated” when she first heard of the movement, adding that their arguments are “uninformed” and respond to the more radical, stereotypical side of feminism.

Rose, who is also a peer advocate at a resource center for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, says feminism should not be equated to this radicalism, but rather to “the right for full equality” of the sexes.

“Feminism is about equality. The majority of moderate feminists want equality, and that is it. I think the women of this movement are misinformed and heartbreakingly so, ” she says. “They claim that because they themselves have the ability to wear revealing tops, and the men in their life [sic] respect them, and they have never been told they cannot do something, that feminism is a relic of ages past.”

Rose says while modern women from developed countries have access to certain choices and rights that were not possible in the past, it does not render the struggle of women who do suffer both in the United States and globally meaningless. She asks for those taking part in ‘Women Against Feminism’ to expand their perspectives by considering the women who do not share similar basic rights.

“These women are not only uniformed, but dangerously so. By decrying feminism they are abandoning women everywhere who still need it, because how else will they be given the chance to have the same freedoms ‘Women Against Feminism’ so obviously enjoy?” she says.

Daniel Greinke, a recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University, considers himself as a feminist, seeing the movement as opposing prejudices and social norms that result in the mistreatment of women.

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