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Feminizing Formulations Information

Suddenly Fem™ offers a successful line of natural feminizing body formulations. All of Suddenly Fem's products are manufactured in the USA within FDA approved facilities (GMP certified), so you can rest assured knowing you are taking a safe formulation. Suddenly Fem's products are bovine glandulars, which means the ingredients are derived naturally from cow sources.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Glandular Concentration

Glandulars are nutritional supplements derived from the organs and tissues of cattle. Suddenly Fem's products contain a natural proprietary blend, rich in estrogen glandulars. Natural glandular formulations may not have same health risks accompanied by synthetic, lab manufactured estrogen products.

Soy Formula Concentration

Soy is known to stimulate the production of estrogen in the human body. Our formulas deliver varying amounts of soy in a concentrated base for maximum development. Soy alone can yield higher estrogen levels, but it may be most effective when taken in conjunction with a glandular formulation.

Estrogen Fortifying Herbs

Certain herbs and minerals like black cohosh and licorice root may also support elevated estrogen levels in the body. When added to our glandulars in precise combinations, they may help to support even higher estrogen levels.

What is difference between Estro Boost(9020) and Rapid Estro Gain(9026)?

Rapid Estro Gain (9026) Is our newest formulation. Estro Boost (9020) has been in our line for 15 years. The difference is an addition of Concentrated Soy isoflavones. Clientele used to order the 9020 glandular formula with the booster plus (concentrated isoflavone formula) too help boost and quicken results. The 9026 is a formula that combines the glandulars and the soy isoflavones in one capsule for those who might want to take fewer pills. 9026 alone is less concentrated amount of ingredients as opposed to taking Estro boost (9020) and Booster plus (9025) as 2 separate pills.

Will these feminizing formulas impact my sex drive?

These formulas should not affect libido too much. Initially the change in your own natural levels may increase the sex drive ( 1st 30 – 60 days). If you take these long term the libido could be a bit less if you have a lot more estrogen in the system (Ex: over a year)

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