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FM March 28: Feminist Frequency / Campus Activists/ Reyna GrandeHosted by Lynn Harris Ballen, Monique Meza, Celina Alvarez & Ariana Manov…
Anita Sarkeesian - founder of the fabulous blog Feminist Frequency - talks cultural criticism in this ‘best of Feminist Magazine’ interview. It’s a smart conversation about her web...
This week Feminist Magazine is airing at a special time ~ Thursday March 15th at 3pm.
And we’re continuing our unique take on the theme of Women’s History Month - with guests who are making herstory right here & right now!
And speaking of history - you’re not...
What does International Women’s Day mean to you? This week on Feminist Magazine we celebrate and ‘interrogate’ this historic day for women!
We talk to Emily Heroy of Gender Across Borders about their annual Blog Day for IWD, where bloggers and humanitarian organizations...
Hosted by Ariana Manov & Celina Alvarez w/ Denise Zepeda
We have the “Decolonizers’ Guide to a Humble Revolution” and wide-ranging visions for “homefulness” with “Tiny”, aka Lisa Gray-Garcia, who’s a poverty scholar, welfareQUEEN, revolutionary journalist...
Hosted by Ariana Manov, Monique Meza & Susan Kraker
“HEY WAITRESS!” Documentarian Maya Gallus examines women, waitressing and the art of service in “Dish”. She serves up an illuminating INTERNATIONAL intersection of class, culture, sex and gender in the food service...
Hosted by Celina Alvarez & Christene Kings
This week on Feminist Magazine……What happened at San Diego State University in the ‘70s when several Chicana activists and artists came together to have their voices heard? We talk to Felicitas Nunez, Sandra Gutierrez, and Laura... See also:


What are the best sneakers magazines?

Sneaker Freaker is always a consistent source of good sneaker news. :) In the Philippines, we also have a local sneaker magazine called Ms. Clavel :)

When was the first feminist magazine Ms founded?

When Ms. was launched as a "one-shot" sample insert in New York Magazine in December 1971, few realized it would become the landmark institution in both women's rights and American journalism that it is today.

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