Feminist Approaches

The feminist approach

The many limitations of previous approaches meant that considerable reinterpretation of the causes for sexual assault was needed. With the emergence of the women's movement in the 1960's and '70's, people began to tell of their experiences of sexual assault and so a more accurate identification of the problem became possible. This victim centred awareness prompted research and investigation in an attempt to address the key issues of sexual assault. In particular,

  • Why is it men who rape?
  • Why is it women and children who are primarily the victims of sexually abusive behaviours?

The feminist approach is a sociological analysis which over the past three decades has focused on two important and previously largely ignored aspects of sexual assault.

  • the unequal power relationships between men and women and adults and children;
  • the abusers responsibility for initiating and/or maintaining sexual assault.

In examining differential power relationships within society and the family this approach argues that the most adequate explanation of the motivation for, and incidence of, sexual assault is found in the complex interplay between existing social structures, conventional attitudes and socialisation, in particular, the differential gender socialisation of males and females in patriarchal society. A fundamental contribution offered by the feminist approach is that it does not focus exclusively on incestuous abuse within the family. In interpreting sexual abuse as a sexual power relationship rooted in differential gender socialisation and male power in patriarchal society, it is able to broaden its focus to include the dynamics of extra-familial as well as intra-familial sexual and incestuous abuse, all of which rely on males exerting their sexual power over women.

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Feminism nowadays tries to dismantle kyriarchy (oppressions of every social aspect) in general because without eliminating other oppressions, feminism can never succeed since many people experience something called intersectionality. Intersectionality is when an individual deals with intersecting oppressions. For example, a black lesbian female has to deal with racism, homophobia, and sexism. Without eliminating racism and homophobia, eliminating sexism alone won't do much good for this woman's life.

What is the Feminist Approach to Poetry.

Everything written by men is rubbish. 2008 written by a man of course.
This improvement is added by Oregon Bell, Jan 2011. An by example indicates that yes there is a feminist approach to poetry.
Forgive me If I do not live up to
what you expect of me.
Too long my struggle was to match
others' models, others' ideals
(or what I assumed was the
acceptable way to go).
Now, resistant to repellent role, I shift
and select sources for standards
more adapted to fit my inner growth
and shape me as I want to go.
Forgive me if I do not fit your molds.
To be honest I must be myself.

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