Feminization hypnosis Mistress

Simple Guide to Feminization by Mistress Dede

MISTRESS DEDE is not only an accomplished author but also a passionate practitioner of the art of female dominance. She is the founder and CEO of the “Forced Feminization Sissy Training School” and currently oversees various online training programs aimed at male transformation and feminization/sissification.

Words from The Mistress: “I am a lifelong style FemDom who lives the kind of lifestyle that most people can only dream about. 36D-21-38. My body is built for worship, my personality commands respect yet my enigmatic nature will leave you wanting for more after every single interaction.

In all honesty, submissive men are my predilection. Those I can easily turn into my playthings and into willing worshipful pets.

Feminization and sissy training are my specialty. Male and female exploitation is my passion. I will turn you into my submissive play thing and take over your mind and your body. All your desires will be absolutely reduced to wanting to desperately serve and obey me 24/7 as you are transformed a sissy maid, a sissy husband, a sissy slave through forced crossdressing, forced feminisation and forced sissification.

My interests include: panty perverts, forced bi, chronic masturbation, Goddess worship, virtual dominant girlfriend, forced crossdressing, sissy training, feminization, sissification, crossdressing stories, sissy maid, sissy stories, sissy boys, sissy slave, forced sissy, forced crossdressing, sissy humiliation, forced feminization stories, sissy husband, forced womanhood, forced feminisation, feminization hypnosis, sissy school, sissy maids, sissy crossdresser, forced feminization captions, forced sissification, feminization stories, facial feminization surgery, sissy maid training, forced feminization videos, etc. tease and denial, humiliation, forced feminization, sissy maids…

Yet, only those who are really devoted and disciplined get to know me intimately. Will you be one of the lucky ones?

My devoted slaves know that feeling of completeness, total submission, satisfaction and euphoria that comes from knowing your life is being devoted to a superior being, one that was put on this Earth by powerful forces to enslave, guide, and subdue those like yourself.

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Where can I download New Age self-hypnosis audio?

I know you asked this question a few months ago but I just joined Quora. Pardon the self-promotion, but since you asked I have to recommend our programs:

What is Feminizing Hypnosis?

Feminizing hypnosis is a type of hypnosis that claims to help transgender and transsexual men become more womanly. Men who use feminizing hypnosis for becoming more feminine might do so as part of the full gender reassignment process. Some men might choose to practice feminizing hypnosis because they wish to adopt more feminine mannerisms, habits and thought processes, even if they do not wish to pursue a full gender reassignment later on. Hypnosis for feminization generally takes advantage of the state of suggestibility many people can experience while under hypnosis. The technique can…

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