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My Wife Is a Sissy Mesmerist! (Sissy Feminization Sissification BDSM Humiliation Romantic Erotica)

I straddled the muscular stud and slowly lowered myself till the tip of his massive penis was nestled in the cleft of my buttocks, roughly aligned with my asshole. Just as I’d done moments before while fingering myself, I dilated my anus. I lowered myself into Sam’s lap ever so slowly, savoring the sweet sensation of his bulbous glans stretching the entrance to my rectum.

I wanted to close my eyes and abandon myself to the tactile bliss of the moment but, even more, I wanted to see the look on my wife’s face as she watched me lose my anal virginity.

Paul Handel should have known what he was getting into when he married Carly, a world-class dominatrix . Though she reluctantly agreed to quit her job when they tied the knot, it was only a matter of time before her lust to dominate and humiliate men got the better of her; six months into their marriage, she's already pondering calling up her former clients. In a desperate attempt to dissuade her, he invites her to use her whip in the bedroom—but every time she tries, he chickens out at the last second!

One evening, Carly comes home with a book on sissification. She persuades Paul to let her use cutting-edge neuroprogramming scripts to dissolve the mental barriers keeping his submissive, feminine side in check. After a single session, not only does he enthusiastically consent to being smacked on the ass with a riding crop, he finds pleasure in wearing his wife's dresses, makeup and heels.

Everything goes swimmingly till it comes time to reverse the sissification process and Carly belatedly realizes that the changes are permanent. Rather than crying over spilt milk, they head to a local nightclub in search of hot guys to satisfy Paul's appetite for cock. In the story's steamy climax, Paul blows one muscular stud and is taken from behind by another while his wife watches, directing the action!


Feminization Hypnosis Script.

This wonderful collection of feminization hypnosis scripts is essential if you are seeking feminine transformation though hypnosis.

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