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Sissified for Science 2: PHASE I (Sissy Hypno Forced Feminization Humiliation Erotica)

In Aurora Sparks's bestselling short, Sissified for Science, the sexy and dominant Dr. Annette Braczynski successfully feminized heterosexual office drone Raymond Smalls, proving that in a strictly controlled environment, with the help of cutting-edge neurolinguistic programming techniques, any male can be transformed into a submissive, sex-obsessed sissy.

But that was only the beginning. In order to accomplish her true goal—the sissification and subjugation of every man on Earth—she needs a more efficient feminization method; one that doesn't require her constant supervision. With that in mind, she comes up with the brilliant idea to prime men for feminization and submission by injecting subliminal messages into their favorite video games. All she needs is the perfect subject to test her new procedure on.

Enter Jake Miller, an overgrown frat boy whose main passions in life are coed tail, weightlifting... and first-person shooters. He signs up for Braczynski's week-long inpatient study in hopes of earning a little extra beer money, and possibly boning the beautiful doctor herself but, after a few sessions with a modified version of hit game Modern Battlefield, he begins to find himself more interested in her hunky male assistants.

This is the first book in a two-part series chronicling Jake Miller's feminization and sissy training. For the story's sexy conclusion, check out Sissified for Science 2: PHASE II, out now on Smashwords!


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