Feminize your boyfriend

Mother uses forced feminization on her daughter’s new boyfriend

One of my readers, Jennifer, sent me a great e-mail with the story of her husband’s first steps towards forced feminization. It’s a great read and it shows what a vital role the mother in law can play when it comes to men being forced into satin panties, a frilly apron or even full feminization. The following is Jennifer’s story of how her boyfriend at the time met her mother and was forced to wear an apron.

The first time I brought my hubby (at the time boyfriend) over for dinner at my mom’s place, we had a great time. Bob did all the right things and made a great first impression by being social and polite. After dinner my mom asked him if he would mind helping with the dishes. Bob was still on his best behaviour and of course did not mind helping with the cleaning up.

The helping part turned into just him standing in front of the sink and having to do all the cleaning up. Since Bob had a nice dress shirt on, my mother didn’t want him to ‘ruin his clothes’ so suggested an apron. He went pale and started stammering it wasn’t needed and he would be careful. My mother was having none of it and opened the cupboards. I was having a magnificent view of these events unfolding, sitting with a glass of wine at the dinner table. There was something that made me excited about this event. I had never seen Bob this afraid of any woman, let alone my mother. He just stood there helpless while my mother went through the cupboards selecting the right apron for the job.

My mother eventually produced a frilly pinafore style apron. The one they wore ages ago. No self respecting male would volunteer to wear such a garment. I wouldn’t even wear such a frilly apron. It had a full floral bib with a huge skirt and two cross over straps in the back. While she was unfolding the garment, he kept saying he would be careful with the wash up but my mother had already decided. He was going to wear an apron, and there was no way he could convince her not to.

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