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Hi my sweet subbies I have something I know you’ll love to hear about. I know how hard it is to find the perfect recording, and I know that not every one of my sweet submissive boys wants just the same thing. I know you feel like you desperately want surrender and to give in but no matter what, nothing feels just right. I know that buying recordings can feel so impersonal and as close as you’ve gotten in the past, you need something more.

You can have me, alone, whispering all the things you want to hear right into your ear. You can hear me say your name, you can hear me command you, and you can have that over and over again. Even though I love taking calls and listening you to sink into submission for me, I know that calls aren’t possible for everyone and that some of you sweet subbies are a little too shy so I offer custom recordings just for you.

Each one is custom made just for you, and while I know it may seem like a lot of money, isn’t it worth it to get just what you’ve always wanted? Isn’t it worth it to give yourself to me, to tell me your secrets, your wishes, and you desires only to have me enslave you with them? I promise you, my control is more than worth it.

Vocal – $10.00 per minute

Subliminals/whisper tracks – $2.00 per minute per layer

Background music – $25.00 per session

I reserve the right to resell the session in part or in its entirety, regardless of content. All custom sessions are my intellectual property and cannot be resold or redistributed. I retain all rights as to a session’s distribution.

I require a minimum of 50% percent down before starting your special custom experience. I also require that all requests be a for a minimum of 20 minutes. I cannot offer any refunds at any point as I take special time away from all other work to put my very best into creating the perfect session for you.

Just contact me if you are interested in having the perfect session made just for you! Please provide me with the specifics of your request (length, details, music/subliminal choices, preferred payment method)


how much is facial feminization surgery ? | Yahoo Answers

Depends on the procedures you want or need. The only FFS surgeon I know of in Canada works with Dr Brassard in Montreal. Maybe you could contact his office in Montreal and get more info?
They list services available under the "male-to-female" tab.
If you have the resources I would attend one of the regional gender conferences held in the USA. At one of those conferences you can attend presentation from at least 3 of the major FFS surgeons and get free consultations.

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