Forced feminization hypnosis videos

feminization hypnosis; make up; lipstick fetish

Have you ever find yourself watching women put make up on? The sensual
movement of her brush going back and forth... back and forth... you can feel as
if she is applying her foundation right on to you, isn't it true? As her eyes
became more electrified, you became weaker in your knees. As she start
applying her magnetic lipstick and lip gloss, you find yourself having difficulty
focusing on your thoughts... all you can do is focus on the sound of her
voice. Now imagine someone as gorgeous as Hypnotist Hanna, deciding she
want to make you over in her image. Forcing you to wear her make up, molding
you physically and mentally to her amusement.

There is only one catch, as long as you are wearing Hanna’s make up, you will
totally are under her control. Don't even think of running away, she already
have you frozen in place, you are now putty in her hands. This is the ultimate
forced feminization video. How would you like it when the most beautiful girl
decides to hypnotize you by putting make up on you? Hypnotist Hanna decided
not only to take over your life, your assets, and your mind, she want to change
you totally into a heavily made up, cross dressing, sissy slave who would never
be able to break away from her spell .

As soon as you finish watching this video, you will be addicted to wearing make
up, sitting like a sissy girl, walking and talking like a bimbo doll, and unable to
wear anything masculine. You will have no choice in this matter, you belong to
Hanna. You belong to Hanna. You belong to Hanna.

There are three parts of the video. The first part, Hypnotist Hanna put you
under her spell with her foundation make up. The second part, Hypnotist
Hanna hypnotizes you with her mascara. The third part, Hypnotist Hanna seals
her control over you with her hypnotic lipstick.

Many of you have already experienced the dominating presence of Hypnotist
Hanna. Hypnotist Hanna IV takes this control to new height. It combines high
tech 3CCD camera with stunning color capture technology, sensual feminine
seduction with the high quality hypnosis techniques you are already familiar

The three parts of Hypnotist Hanna IV; Hanna's Hypnotic Make-Up Lessons are


how much is facial feminization surgery ? | Yahoo Answers

Depends on the procedures you want or need. The only FFS surgeon I know of in Canada works with Dr Brassard in Montreal. Maybe you could contact his office in Montreal and get more info?
They list services available under the "male-to-female" tab.
If you have the resources I would attend one of the regional gender conferences held in the USA. At one of those conferences you can attend presentation from at least 3 of the major FFS surgeons and get free consultations.

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