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Feminization Hypnosis: How To Become a Woman Using Hypnosis

How can you change your male body and mind to become a real woman?

There are men who try surgery to become a woman. But surgical operations can only change the outside of your body, theey can not make you feel like a real woman, because inside you are still a man. Instead, hypnosis breaks down the psychological barriers that prevent a man to become a truly woman. In other word, you can use feminization hypnosis to achieve the results that you will not get with surgery.

Feminization hypnosis helps you to feel and act confident as a woman in society. Feminization hypnosis techniques are useful and hot among transvestites, the transgendered and transsexuals to tap the woman inside their bodies.

So, how can you tap the woman inside you and become a real woman using hypnosis? Here are the main steps of hypnotic feminization.

1. Gain Total Relaxation

Like in other forms of hypnosis, the first task of hypnotherapist is to relax the person. During hypnosis session, therapist helps patient enter into a total relaxation. Relaxation makes the patient to be more receptive to the suggestions and improve the results of the process.

2. Remove Fear and Blocks

It is very important to clean any fear, blocks and negative thoughts in your mind. Fear and blocks will reduce the feminization process of your body and mind. So your second task is to remove any negative and destructive thoughts in your mind and think completely positive about your future feminization.

After you are relaxed and removed your negative thoughts, it is time to use hypnotic inductions.

You will use 2 type inductions for feminization: Feminization of Mind and Feminization of Body.

3. Feminization of Mind

Feminization of Mind Induction helps to feminize your attitude, mind and self image. Here is an example from Feminization of Mind Induction. “Every time you meet someone you feel like woman, you act like woman, you are a woman, an intellectual woman . . .”

As shown above, Feminization of Mind Induction helps to transform your mind into a woman mind, helps you to feel and act like a woman in social situations.

4. Feminization of Body

Feminization of Body Induction helps to transform each part of your body, hair, your figure, voice and so on. For example, “You successfully transform your body into a desired feminine shape . . .” or “You are changing your voice into a woman voice. Now hypnosis helps you to feminize your voice . . .”

You can easily feminize yourself using certain hypnosis techniques. Someone may find it unethical, but there are really some men who have the desire for feminization and hypnosis is the safest way to achieve this goal.

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