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076 Antifeminism and the Victorian novel; rereading nineteenth-century women writers.Such tactics could easily influence a theater crowd to reconsider their own positions on subjects such as antifeminism, which this play strongly undermines.For all the attention devoted to Aphra Behn's fiction, poetry, and plays over the last twenty-five years, few critics have focused on what remains a crucial problem in the scholarship on her work: the half-acknowledged tensions between her critical and commercial success on the Restoration stage and the current consensus that emphasizes her resistance to and protests against the endemic antifeminism of her time.It is a divide that breeds the counter-narratives about Secretary: regressive antifeminism versus liberatory queer sexuality.We did not take the Republican Party down the road to being a captive of the Religious Right and the far right whose central message is antifeminism, antichoice, anti-women's rights.New York: New York UP, 1995; Goven, Joanna, "Gender Politics in Hungary: Autonomy and Antifeminism.Neera's L'indomani, which tells the sad story of a disillusioned woman in a loveless marriage, echoes his antifeminism, common at the time.


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No. An anti-feminist is one who does not ascribe to the goals and assumptions of the movement called "Feminism".
Furthermore, a person who believes that men and women have equal value is not necessarily a feminist. They are simply a typical person in the western world. Is anyone who believes that blacks and whites are equal a "black rights advocate"? No, they're just a typical person in our modern society. Feminists like to take credit for discovering that women are people. Most people had already figured this out long before the feminists.

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