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2015 National Young Feminist Leadership Conference

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Sponsored by the, the will provide young activists with the opportunity to network, grow their knowledge on pertinent domestic and global feminist issues, and fine-tune their organizing methodology. Join young feminist activists from around the nation as we discuss issues including (but definitely not limited to) reproductive justice, eco-feminism, intersectionality and identity-based activism, campus organizing tactics and methods, violence against women, ballot measures and political organizing, social media and web-based activism, and global women’s rights and health.

On March 21 and 22, we’ll be coming together at the Double Tree Crystal City to talk organizing and issues – and then March 23 we’re taking a trip to the National Mall for a Congressional Visit Day. Learn to make change on campus, in your larger community, and in your Representative’s office with us at NYFLC 2015.

Special Note: Everyone is welcome at NYFLC! That means folks from all regions, origins, genders, and backgrounds. The only thing we ask is that you wear the title of ‘feminist’ with pride!


Folks can register on-site but are not guaranteed to receive all conference materials.


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