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Rapid Feminization Tips?

I know nothing about styling it beyond a simple pony tail.

If you are not going to someone who takes care of women's hair,
at a salon for example,
that would be a great place to start.

Find someone who knows hair care and hair style,
who can help you to find the right style for your overall appearance.
A good hair stylist is "worth her weight in gold".

I'll have to remember to take some of my less boring earrings; thanks for the reminder.

No, actually;
for an androgynous look, the boring earrings are just fine.
Even just the cubic zirconia studs would be great for the "look" you are seeking.

my only pair of jeans are fairly nondescript but came from the women's section.

"Non-descript" is good, as long as they are clean and not torn or worn out.

I also have one pair of women's khakis that work well

Buy more of these. Keep them simple in style, no frills.

I've never been able to figure what makes for a good androgynous top though... suggestions?

For business dressy, the very best androgynous top is chambray shirts.
The only real visual difference between men's chambray and women's chambray shirts,
are which direction the buttons go,
and the loop "ring" on the shoulder line.
Very few people will recognize either of those details.

The other primary thing you need to do,
is to begin observing how women of your age,
and your social, and career/profession, dress for everyday.
Not in clubs or bars, but in grocery stores, malls, and mid-level restaurants (Applebees, etc)

The "look" is not fancy, and not sexy.

What you really need to avoid, is appearance items which send mixed signals.

Colored fingernail polish with a suit and tie, is NOT androgynous.
High heels with jeans and a tee shirt, is not androgynous.
Noticeable makeup with sweats and athletic shoes, is probably not androgynous.
Anything frilly or with sequins, is not androgynous.

Anything which sends mixed signals about what sex you are, is wrong.

Androgynous means that nothing you are wearing,
sends any signal about what sex you might be.

And yes - get to work on your properly done, permanent facial electrolysis.

Properly done, permanent facial electrolysis will not leave redness or swelling,
and does NOT involve clearing whole areas at one time.
Thin out, thin out, thin out, the areas of your facial hair.

That job, done properly, will do more to feminize your facial appearance than *anything* else you can do.

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