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Top 10 Most Popular Feminized Cannabis Strains 2015

Amnesia Haze Cannabis SeedsIf you're partial to stronger or milder smokes, indica or sativa, or more or less THC, then you can narrow down your options and buy cannabis seeds that meet all your expectations. But if you want your weed seeds to really wow, you should consider one of the ten best cannabis strains that 2015 has to offer. These feminized plants are picking up fans quickly, for very good reason.

1. Amnesia Haze
One of Holland's most popular genetic hybrids, Amnesia Haze is a strong and heady strain with a beautiful indoor yield.Critical Cannabis Seeds Other strains of cannabis might be easier and faster, but if you're a seasoned smoker or grower who wants the cream of the crop, this sativa haze hybrid is your ticket to amnesiac bliss.

2. Critical
If you comb every seed bank for the best indoor indicas, you're in luck. Critical is a high-yield strain that only takes seven weeks to flower, so you can squeeze in more growing seasons than usual during the year.White Widow Cannabis Strains Critical makes for a delicious nightcap because of the body high it offers, and it's also a good choice for medical marijuana patients who don't want too much THC with their CBD.

3. White Widow
This one should come as no surprise to weed aficionados. For decades, White Widow crops have yielded some of the best cannabis seeds in the world, and the ultra-recognizable name means there are thousands of recent growing examples and case studies that you can learn from. White Widow flowers in nine weeks and grows well in cold but sunny climates, or indoors under a 600W light.OG Kush Cannabis Strains When you invite White Widow into your lineup of strains, you sign up for a classic that just keeps getting better.
4. OG Kush
If you're interested in growing cannabis seeds that combine the best of indica and sativa, OG Kush is the strain for you. OG stands for "ocean grown", but it's not hard to see why so many people think it means "original gangster". The strain's smell and taste are an equally strong combination of fuel and citrus, and they both linger long after the first toke, just like the psychedelic high.

Top 10 Most Popular Feminized Cannabis Strains 2015 Skunk Cannabis Strains Special Queen Cannabis Strain Northern Light Cannabis
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