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'Mad Max: Fury Road': Why are anti-feminists so angry about action film? (+video)

"Mad Max: Fury Road, " George Miller's reboot of his own acclaimed "Mad Max" series, which began in 1979 with an Australian policeman singlehandedly setting out to stop a post-apocalyptic motorcycle gang, has enthralled nearly every critic who had the opportunity to lay eyes on it.

" 'Mad Max: Fury Road' isn’t a reboot, it’s a power-up — an outrageously kinetic, visually inventive, dramatically satisfying demolition derby that pits the matriarchy against the patriarchy while standing as the action film to beat for the rest of the summer, possibly the decade, " Ty Burr wrote in the Boston Globe.

But now the movie film critic Eric Eisenberg called “as crazy, thrilling, gorgeous, and awesome as anyone could really hope” is being lambasted by angry action movie enthusiasts with a very specific ideological bent.

A post on the blog Return of Kings captured the attention of the blogosphere with an impassioned call to boycott "Mad Max: Fury Road" because “it was going to be a feminist piece of propaganda posing as a guy flick.” While Tom Hardy takes over the role made famous by Mel Gibson, the movie features Oscar-winner Charlize Theron as the shaven-headed Furiosa leading a band of women from sex slavery to freedom. The writer Aaron Clarey bemoaned this, saying "Fury Road" would be a “Trojan Horse feminists and Hollywood leftists will use to insist on the trope women are equal to men in all things.”

Eyebrows raised (and many times, tongue firmly in cheek), websites such as Jezebel and the Mary Sue responded, wondering why men would react so ardently against a portrayal of strong women picking up guns – and laughing outright at the idea that Hollywood is run by feminists. In fact, on Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union asked multiple state and federal agencies to look into what the organization described as gender bias in Hollywood's hiring of female directors. Women directed 1.9 percent of the top-grossing 100 movies in 2013 and 2014, according to a University of Southern California study.

Culture watchers say the strong reaction is based on feelings of disempowerment – grounded in reality or not – and follows a cultural through line from GamerGate, in which anonymous posters last year used social media to attack women for "feminizing" video games.

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I don't go to "you tube" in search of any type of knowledge. Some of it is ok, but I simply don't do it.
Also, I don't listen to anti feminist, or feminist stuff on youtube, simply because I don't want to dedicate my time, and my internet clicks, to marginal garbage. That is giving attention where you shouldn't - every time you click on something, or you read it, or you listen to it ... you are giving it a voice. So I don't want to empower this kind of talk, by wallowing in it.
So if you have had a hard time getting feminists to answer your question, it is probably because it is anti-…

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