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Definition of blog in English:

Verb (blogs, blogging, blogged

no object 1Add new material to or regularly update a blog: it’s about a week since I last blogged More example sentences
  • I knew what blogs were and had read some out of political interest, but had not blogged myself.
  • I'm in Atlanta, and I am blogging from the public library this morning.
  • This article reminded me that there is a whole section of the business world that I have never really blogged about - franchising.
1.1 with object Write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in a blog: he blogged the Democratic and Republican national conventions as an independent More example sentences
  • He's blogging the entire process of starting a company.
  • I'll be blogging the event, with a full write-up next week.
  • We've been faithfully blogging Australian gaming news since 1998.


1990s: abbreviation of .

Words that rhyme with blog

agog, befog, bog, clog, cog, dog, flog, fog, grog, hog, Hogg, hotdog, jog, log, nog, prog, slog, smog, snog, sprog, tautog, tog, trog


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