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Feminist Legal Criticism legal definition of Feminist Legal Criticism

An intellectual movement whose members argue that law is neither neutral nor value free but is in fact inseparable from politics.

Critical legal studies (CLS) is a sometimes revolutionary movement that challenges and seeks to overturn accepted norms and standards in legal theory and practice. CLS seeks to fundamentally alter Jurisprudence, exposing it as not a rational system of accumulated wisdom but an ideology that supports and makes possible an unjust political system. CLS scholars attempt to debunk the law's pretensions to determinacy, neutrality, and objectivity. The law, in CLS scholarship, is a tool used by the establishment to maintain its power and domination over an unequal status quo. Openly a movement of leftist politics, CLS seeks to subvert the philosophical and political authority of what it sees as an unjust social system. CLS advances a theoretical and practical project of reconstruction of the law and of society itself. CLS is also a membership organization that seeks to advance its own cause and that of its members.

CLS was officially started in the spring of 1977 at a conference at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. However, the roots of the organization extend back to Legal Realism, a movement in U.S. legal scholarship that flourished in the 1920s and 1930s. Oliver Wendell Holmes is credited with being the grandfather of CLS with his various observations in The Common Law (1881). The legal realists rebelled against the accepted legal theories of the day, including most of the accepted wisdom of nineteenth-century legal thought. Like CLS, legal realism emphasized that judicial decisions depend largely on the predilections and social situation of the judge. Thus, the legal realists urged that much more attention be paid to the social context of the law. The legal realists eventually influenced the development of the New Deal under President franklin d. roosevelt in the 1930s, and many served in positions where they affected government policy.


What is the feminist approach to deviance?

This improvement is added by Oregon Bell, Jan 2011. An by example indicates that yes there is a feminist approach to poetry.
Forgive me If I do not live up to
what you expect of me.
Too long my struggle was to match
others' models, others' ideals
(or what I assumed was the
acceptable way to go).
Now, resistant to repellent role, I shift
and select sources for standards
more adapted to fit my inner growth
and shape me as I want to go.
Forgive me if I do not fit your molds.
To be honest I must be myself.
If my aberrant intention is to make
an improbable assault on Everest

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