FEMINIZATION? definition

definition of feminization by The Free Dictionary

Ms Tahira Abdullah said that besides the rise in women's participation in low-paying urban, informal sector economic activities, agricultural non-remunerated work are also indicators of feminization of poverty.2] Rather than critique the film's representation of masculinity, then, I will argue that the film's articulation of its anti-capitalist rebellion as a fight against feminization not only relies on and perpetuates a stable, transhistorical idea of gender difference, but also imagines contemporary social realities as serving the needs of women at the expense of men.Feminization of the legal profession-the comparative sociology of women lawyers.Catherine Kingfisher's edited book places the reductions in welfare programs in the context of neo-liberalism, globalization, and the feminization of poverty.Although feminization is sometimes used negatively or with misogynist overtones, in this case the term is strictly descriptive.In the feminization of society, we have very much downplayed the impact of fathers;' says Barras.You might even find a kind of sly feminization of formalism's rather masculinist body of thought in Perrone's art of sewing on buttons.
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