Goals of third wave feminism

Third Wave Feminist Goals and Methods

pen writingIf you ever want an articulate and precise argument, go to a philosopher. A good philosophical argument will leave you intrigued, rather than confused, because it will define its terms clearly. This argument about why the methods of Feminist Egalitarianism and Christian Complementarianism both boil down to Chivalry and Patriarchy is a good example. Andy Rogers defines his terms as system, goal, and method.

A system is the context in which you are working–the facts that you are assuming to be the case for the sake of addressing a specific goal. I hope that goal and method are self-explanatory . It is generally better to first start with goal and system, and then figure out the best method for attaining said goal given the system.

Using this model, I will lay out the groundwork for my own feminist philosophy and standpoint, while heavily disputing Andy’s claim that Chivalry and Patriarchy are suitable feminist methods.

The System

Instead of using the word patriarchy to define the system as I usually do, since the word is otherwise defined by Andy for the purposes of his argument, I will focus instead on the Power Disparity and the Value Disparity between men and women. The Power Disparity consists of unequal Raw Power and Economic Power, borrowing from Andy again, as well as unequal Creative Cultural Power. These are his definitions for the first two:

By Raw Power I mean that men are somehow physically stronger, better fighters, better armed, or anything else that gives them the brute power to murder, beat, or rape women. By Economic Power I mean the power men have that comes from controlling industries and social structures minus their .

I don’t think that Economic Power fully encompasses the control of social structures the way Andy says it does, so I redefine Economic Power as the monopolizing of higher-paying careers and add Creative Cultural Power, by which I mean that men have more power to create and produce culture. The majority of people who write and direct movies, control marketing and advertising, hold political office, make legal judgments and write laws are men.

The Power Dynamic is what controls the Value Disparity. Inevitably, the culture overwhelmingly created by men prioritizes the needs of men*, centering men as default human and devaluing women. The devaluing of women encourages the wielding of Raw Power and Economic Power, results in low self esteem in women, hatred and disregard of women, and bullying of men who show a “feminine” side.

The Goal

Andy writes:

Both the Complementarians and the Feminists share the general goal of seeking to create certain rights and privileges for women in the context of the system outlined earlier. Although they differ in their goals of which specific rights and privileges to create for women, I will show that their method of pursuing these goals is essentially the same.

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