3RD wave feminism definition

Urban Dictionary: 3rd wave Feminism

Third wave feminists are incessant cry babies who demand we dedicate everything in the world to feminism while supporting a mind set that anyone who was born and chose to be a man is the worst type of human being that ever existed. Common ideals that these feminists hold are that men can never experience any kind of bigotry especially if they're white and that type feminism is somehow supposed to be fighting for their rights as well.

Their achievements include;
Making a NASA scientist cry after completing an amazing feat of scientific progress for wearing the wrong shirt.
Defending a person who took $160, 000 from feminists and made no effort towards the final product and was even found guilty of plagiarism.
Derailing and trying to destroy a consumer revolt because they were told that sexist people were part of it.
Hacking and DDOS attacking a feminist charity because another 3rd wave feminist told them to.

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