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An Arsenal of Feminine Power… Feeling Beautiful

Though there are many indomitable forces of woman nature, one of my absolute favorites is beauty. And, ugh, before I write more, I need to stop and give beauty a great big hug. Poor girl. She catches so much crap.

In our culture, beauty is a wildly confusing concept. Mainstream media’s definitions of beauty present women as too skinny, hyper-sexual, with implants and tons of make-up. This caricature is adopted by many young women as the ideal/norm, which leads to a pressure-filled existence that is vulnerable to self-loathing.

Then, there are the “smart” women who judge media’s caricature as being superficial, dumb, and sexualized. Many “smart” women reject the notion of beauty all together and devote their lives to being “practical.” I see this all over Seattle. Mega-smart women, dressed head to toe in REI.

No matter how hard many women try, we are thousands of years (though most likely never) away from ever being free of this beauty thing. Prior to the last 50 years, our survival for thousands of years was dependent on being attractive.

As we can clearly see in the many outwardly beautiful women who are miserable, physical beauty only takes us so far. Being attractive is a much deeper phenomenon that is deeply rooted in confidence.

Whether or not you actually “are” beautiful is a subjective hellhole, thus, a complete waste of your time. However, feeling beautiful? Feeling beautiful is a potent goldmine of feminine power that is free from mirrors, media, and materialism. It is a radiant, glowing, high vibratory hum of sparkling energy that attracts others.

I believe feeling beautiful depends on three simple things:

1) Affirming sisterhood. Back in the day we relied on the reflection in water and the eyes of other women to know how we looked. Even today, we can stare in the mirror all we want, but when your best girlfriend gives you the once over and says, “You look great, ” your cells smile. As important as it is to “validate” yourself, we are communal beings that are dependent on the eyes of others.

2) Sensual pleasure. I am not just talking orgasm (though it definitely counts). Did you ever go swimming in the ocean, skin connected to sun and sand as your body undulates with the force of the current? When you come out of the water you are flushed, relaxed, radiating from your connection to the elements. You could have mascara running down your face, but you will FEEL beautiful. This is true for anything that pleasures a woman. Giggles with girlfriends, your favorite food, a beautiful outfit, rollerblading on the boardwalk, dancing, art… you name it. When we are turned on by our true passions, our beauty shines. Happiness is the core of true beauty.


What is the feminine noun of beauty?

In English, the noun 'beauty' is not gender-specific.
However, in referring to personal appearance, you might be more likely to refer to a woman as possessing 'beauty' and to a man as being 'handsome'. Handsome, however, can also refer to either gender:
'She is a person of great beauty'
'He is a very handsome person'
'The new colt is a beauty; he is very handsome'
'The new filly is a beauty; she is very handsome'
'Both the colt and filly are beautiful'
'Both the colt and filly are handsome'
'They have beautiful children, a boy and a girl'
'They have handsome children, a boy and a girl' …

Is beauty a feminine thing? | Yahoo Answers

"Is beauty a feminine thing?"
--According to most archaic gender constructs, yes. But it isn't this way for everyone.
A- I don't think everything is beautiful and I do think there are lots of beautiful men! Sexy, too!
How can someone not think these men are beautiful?
B- It isn't always symbolic, but it can be! It's mostly advertised as a universal truth because of the patriarchy. It doesn't make it true though.
C- Because many women are also brainwashed by the patriarchy and the ridiculously boring, archaic and traditional constructs that come with it. :(…

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