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Women's Thesaurus

Since 1998, the institute maintains the Women's Thesaurus with keywords on the position of women and women's studies. The online Thesaurus provides access to the rich cross-references and multiple levels of relationships within the thesaurus. The Women's Thesaurus is a tool for indexing and retrieving women's information in the collection of Atria and other libraries and archives.

Search by keyword

The Women’s Thesaurus provides keywords for easier retrieval of information on the position of women and women's studies. Women's information can be about anything concerning the everyday life and position of women in society, for example: anorexia nervosa, feminist media, images of women, lesbian mothers, migration, re-entering the labour market or sexual violence. It may be about historical subjects such as black women's history, the first feminist wave, women's suffrage or witches. But it can also be about theoretical developments in women’s studies and feminist scholarship, like nature-versus-culture debate, queer theory and theories of power.

Other search options

In addition to searching by keyword, it is also possible to search by specific category, country, period, profession or types of information (such as a diary or a song).

Reference structure

The Women’s Thesaurus contains keywords with their related reference structure: it is indicated whether broader, specific or related terms may be used. For instance, if you cannot find enough information with the term feminism, it is suggested to use the broader term social movements. If you want to refine you search, then use more specific terms like first feminist wave or radical feminism. Related terms as anti-feminism or black feminism are also suggested.

Women's Thesaurus used in the Netherlands and abroad

The online Women's Thesaurus is an up-to-date version of the publication European Women’s Thesaurus: list of controlled terms for indexing information on the position of women and women’s studies (1998) composed by Gusta Drenthe and Maria van der Sommen, published by the IIAV (now Atria) and the Anna Maria van Schuurman Centrum (AMSC), Graduate School for Advanced Research on Women’s Studies of the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht. The European Women’s Thesaurus and the Dutch original version Vrouwenthesaurus (1992), are used by Atria and many other women information’s services in the Netherlands and other countries.

Questions or comments

Atria maintains the Women's Thesaurus since 1992. As new concepts evolve, it remains necessary to add new keywords. Sometimes it is also necessary to modify or delete existing keywords. For questions or comments on the Women's Thesaurus, please contact the information desk.
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