First wave of feminism

1st Wave Feminism

The late 1800s through the early 1900s was a time when the age at which Americans first married was rising, and the number of men and women who stayed single was growing, too. Women formed intense friendships with each other. Those bonds helped to sustain the activism of the first-wave feminists. Their goals were primarily political. When they succeeded in getting the vote in 1920, women of all marital statuses were empowered.

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what American and British Victorian feminists did accomplish in their work as writers, journalists, and public speakers was to create a culture where change and creative thinking were possible. Certainly, this is where the disconnect lies in media portrayals of feminists as glamorous figures whose public accomplishment resides in material wealth or as mysterious academics emotionally detached from the kinds ofworkplace and family issues which women from all socio-economic classes face. Incomplete images of feminist membership cloud the substance of feminist ideas.

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In her 1893 novel, A Sex Revolution, American women’s rights reformer Lois Waisbrooker’s protagonist, Lovella, represents the ideal woman of strength and dignity, whose voice inspires a resounding female movement against patriarchy. While at the time a radical notion, Waisbrooker’s idea that a beautiful woman can voice a powerful message, and that powerful messages yield a sort of feminine beauty, answers contemporary feminists’ quest for an appropriate image. The image that Waisbrooker projects to the world as beautiful and pleasing is the woman who finds voice.

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What is first wave feminism.

First wave feminism was mostly focused on women gaining the right to vote and took place in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Since there has been second wave feminism which focused on breaking traditional women's roles and gaining rights such as equal pay and abortion. Third wave feminism began in the 1990s and focused on rape and sexual assault and more issues beneath the surface like women being objectified in the mainstream media. Riot Grrl was also a part of this movement.

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