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Forced feminization stories & men in satin panties

Jeff is soon trapped in satin skirts and a pair of lockable high heels!Not only does this story cover the reluctant side of Jeff, it also describes his feelings towards wearing feminine underwear and other clothing like skirts, panties and stockings. Jeff is being pushed to do things he would have never thought of doing, including a trip alone outside wearing a pair of lockable heels and a lockable corset! Definitely a great read if you are into forced feminization stories.

The second story evolves around the shy Kevin. He is marrying the beautiful Marcie who is very close with her mother. Kevin’s new mother in law is a very strong and dominant lady who wants to be in charge. She makes Marcie do things to Kevin that neither of them ever imagined possible. This story is a great example of a reluctant male being forced to wear panties, pinafore aprons and later even a lockable satin French maid uniform.

It all starts slowly for Kevin but before he knows what is truly going on, it’s already too late. He is on a slippery slope down into satin panties. His new mother in law is a firm believer of petticoat discipline and she does not take no for an answer. When Kevin is made to do the dishes, his new mother in law uses petticoating and forced feminization in the form of a frilly humiliating pinafore apron. She ends up slipping the long apron on him herself and even using a padlock at the back of the apron to make sure it stays on until all his chores are done. Now that makes for one humiliated new sissy maid.Forced feminization with the use of satin panties. If forced feminization and femdom stories are what you are looking for, definitely read The mother in law transforms him into her own petticoated maid.

Of course, there are many more stories available for your reading pleasure. Why not check out the amazing collection of forced feminization stories on the Femdom Cave?

Men secretly like to wear panties

Here at Satin Submissions we don’t need any more convincing that men secretly love to wear panties. Though they might not say they want to, deep down inside they love it. This is where being forced to wear satin panties comes into play. Being forced takes out the difficult part where the petticoated male has to justify to himself or his surroundings that he secretly enjoys dressing in satin underwear. Now he is simply the victim of a strong willed lady forcing him into silk panties and instead of worrying he can fully enjoy the satin experience!

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