Sissy Feminized

Sissy Comics

Are you’re ready for the best forced feminization comics anywhere? Wait a minute! You’re not even close to ready. Go put that plug back in, get yourself in some fresh panties and fix that mascara!

From our very own Veronica Vinyl, the chronicles the House of Sissify’s emasculation and feminization of our willing (and some not so willing) students, and the placement services We provide to the homes of Superiors the world over.

From the artists that brought you Kitty Kat Lounge, Lady LaVicious & Boss to Bimbo! A guide for the lady that doesn’t do housework! Lady Giovanna tells how to find one, how to train one, and how to utterly humiliate the sissymaid. You didn’t think the Lady polishes her own high heels, did you? A Lustomic Comic!

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