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Stop Feminizing Your Sons!

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I am a mother of two boys under the age of five. I knew my life with boys would consist of non stop excitement in addition to: lifted toilet seats, play wresting, rowdy noises, sticks and dirt, climbing trees, collections of trucks and cars and the restlessness that the typical boy displays. My boys are a crazy bunch, and although I don’t agree with their rowdiness, their obsession with cars, and their occasional “Woof Woof” chants, I’ve learned to accept that these habits are what makes them masculine boys.

But I have noticed that there are mothers who seem to be feminizing their sons. They do this to the point where there are only feminine toys to play with, they make a show of dressing them in dresses and imposing “girly” habits on them. They make their sons sit on the toilet to pee. They grow their hair long enough that they seem to love it when people mistake them for girls. They don’t allow aggressive play and steer their sons away from sports and force them into dance classes. There are even blogs tailor to “Feminizing boys.” It makes me think: what is wrong with a boy being a boy?

The consensus behind this concept seems to be to make boys more relatable more sensitive to women and girls. They also see the behavior of boys as barbaric and uncivilized. These mothers seem to feel that boys don’t need to be masculine or play with “masculine” things anymore and they should be calm, nurturing and less aggressive – like women – because masculinity is no longer needed in this society.

In my opinion, mother’s who try to feminize their sons are telling their sons that their masculine qualities to protect, provide, and to be aggressive… are wrong, and what they need to do is to change because society says their masculinity is no longer needed. These mother’s deaden the natural masculine qualities of their boys by imposing “girly” things and habits on them and hopefully turning them into a sensitive, nurturing, and emotional being just like women. In turn, their sons can understand women’s needs so they can better get along with women in the future.

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