Feminizing your husband

How can you start feminizing your husband

You need to determine what you mean by 'feminise'. If you mean a 'surgical' change then obviously hormonal means and/or surgical operations are required. The questions then arise that does he wish this to be so. You do not force someone else to undertake such radical changes purely for your own well being and you should not try to force him to.

If you mean in a sexual fetish, roleplaying way, then you can have him wear traditionally feminine clothing, like lingerie, bras, stockings, dresses, skirts, bows, makeup, high heels, etc.

Another answer:
That depends upon what you mean by "feminine". The word is used to mean biologically female (ie, breasts are part of a woman's femininity), social role (like doing the housework) or emotional personality (like being soft and gentle). I'm going to guess that the way to bring this about is by slowly and gradually but continuously rewarding him for any changes he makes toward becoming more feminine. Coax him into shaving his beard or mustache and then take him out to dinner to show your happiness for that; coax him to wear his hair long and reward him when he does; coax him into wearing your nightgown one night, while you make love to him; talk sexually about attractive men like movie stars, while asking what he thinks and then rewarding him in some way for engaging in the conversation; and so on. I don't know if this process will really work or not. If he enjoys being feminized in this way, it might push him further in that direction.

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