History of feminism in the United States

Feminism in the United States

When NOW organized a March for Women's Lives in 1992, Roe was in danger. The march on DC, with 750, 000 present, took place on April 5th. Casey v. Planned Parenthood, the Supreme Court case that most observers believed would lead to a 5-4 majority striking down Roe, was scheduled for oral arguments on April 22nd. (Justice Anthony Kennedy later defected from the expected 5-4 majority and saved Roe.)

When a second March for Women's Lives was organized, it was led by a broader coalition that included LGBT rights groups and groups specifically focusing on the needs of immigrant women, indigenous women, and women of color. The turnout, 1.4 million, set a DC protest record-and showed the power of the new, more comprehensive women's movement. More »

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