Indian Forced feminization Stories

Forced Femdom Stories

Forced Femdom Stories

Forced Femdom Stories are stories that contain themes of female domination with forced actions. In these stories, the male submissives were forced to perform humiliation tasks and are forced to be tortured.

The psychology of the sexual stimulation of submissive males in reading these forced femdom stories is that they would find the femmes fatales in these stories to be extremely sexy and that the denial of sexual satisfaction to them is sexually stimulating. They are so close to the sexy females, yet the females torture them and deny them with any sexual pleasure.

Below are some of the forced femdom stories appeared on the Internet. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

- by frankg. This forced femdom story writes about Jackson, a soldier in a war. He was captured by a sexy lady and was interrogated using cruel methods. He tries to resist but it is the sexy lady who has the upper hand. We will analyze the psychological effects of this forced femdom story on submissive males.

Femdom Story: Bobbie and the Research Experiment - Excerpt. By Eric. This femdom story contains various femdom themes such as strap-on, ball busting, humiliation, forced, toilet, cbt, etc. In this femdom story, Bobbie is the subject of a research experiment for $100 per day.

Slave Market - Excerpt. By Eric. This forced femdom story contains various femdom themes as well. A slave in the lowest caste system is placed in the slave market. One of the potential buyers became angry because the slave looked at Her without permission. She then punishes the slave severely without mercy, causing permanent damage.

Westwood Manor - Excerpt. By Eric. A slave is dominated mercilessly by a stunning Mistress and her two beautiful daughters. One is crueler than another. This forced femdom is long, covering various parts.

Request and Response - Excerpt. By Eric. Set in the New World Order world, slaves are tortured by young, beautiful, and sexy Mistresses. This is yet another forced femdom story by Eric.

Forced Femdom Stories (Fantasy):

The Thrill of Violence - This femdom story involves a beautiful and sexy yet violent lady named Liz who tortured different men for pleasure. Men were forced to do degrading acts.

Transplant Hospital - This is a forced femdom story that involves a young man being tricked to donate his body organs. In the process, he was forced to be dominated by sexy females including nurses.

Spread Your Wings - This is yet another forced femdom story in which a man was tortured by force by sexy ladies who enjoyed themselves in the process...

Elaine- This is the most extreme forced femdom story we have encountered. A college athletic student is tricked to be tied by his girlfriend, and then he was tortured by her, causing his pain, her pleasure. In the end, they reached the point of no return.

The Vampires - Yet another forced femdom story by scouse. This story contains extreme actions of female domination.

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