Strap on feminization


Sissification & Ego Suppression

I call the practice of imparting feminine behavior, mannerisms, characteristics and traits to the male, “Feminization”. I find the element of force to add greater eroticism to this practice. It can be as small as requiring the male to occasionally wear panties. It can be as big as complete transformation involving hormone therapy. The underlying principle is to painfully remind the male of his maleness by contrasting it against the feminine elements introduced to, or forced upon him.

The goal being to cause a genuine sense of inferiority in the male, forcing him to acknowledge and believe he is less than the woman. Also, to create a very real envy of the feminine and to impart a sense of shame at being male and shame at the desire to be female. (Shame is not exactly the right word, but I can’t think of another that’s better. Perhaps the state is closer to embarrassment.)

I have seen many good examples illustrating this point over the years. Most involve requiring the male to risk, in some way, having his feminization exposed to others, either friends or strangers. This practice wears down the male’s self-importance. The elimination of self importance, is a requirement for the development of the Shen energy necessary to develop the Dreaming body.

Actually the elimination of self-importance frees up energy we already have and spend in the effort to convince ourselves that we are better than someone or something else. Face it, in the game of life, no one gets out alive. Then again, on the flip side, you can’t do any worse than break even.

(Unless of course you can so completely master awareness that you are able to permanently sustain a shift of the assemblage point. That is, to sustain awareness in a parallel reality.)

So in recap, feminization is a good tool to use to conquer a males self-importance. Depending on preference and circumstances a woman may want the male to remain a lowly worm with a very small self-importance (i.e. making him always dress in frilly feminine underclothes etc.), or she may find pleasure in permitting a large self importance so the humbling experience will be more powerful.

I am an ardent worshipper and obedient servant of women, and revel in the occasions when a woman has dressed to the nines to be with me, either in public or in private. I feel especially lucky on such occasions. Nevertheless, when I am ‘forced’ into wearing female garb, I am especially aroused, and very vulnerable to humiliation. And, of course, that’s part of the turn on. But yet I’m supposed to be a worshiper of the creatures that wear these silky clothes.

After hashing this out for a good deal of time, I think that the humiliation comes from the American male’s usually unspoken (and perhaps buried, as well) feelings of superiority…leftovers from the once established male power structure.

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